Episode 5: PT turned Sport Coach with Phil Mansfield

A former high-level rugby player in the UK, Phil has enjoyed a varied career within the fitness and elite sporting industries. He has taught and lectured for many years and has coached athletes across a range of sports, including cycling, running, triathlon, football and rugby. Phil founded the Mansfield Sports Institute, based in Denmark. This is a coaching and education provider specializing in the field of physical training and sports performance.

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In this episode:

Coach Phil joins us in this episode for a fascinating discussion regarding training methodology used within endurance cycling directed towards boosting and tracking physical performance, including:

  • how strength training can play a part in endurance cycling performance
  • primary fitness and athletic factors that are important for cycling performance
  • transition phase cycling training sessions and how these may be structured
  • key factors in avoiding over-training
  • the role of off-bike training in helping benefit performance

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Website: www.mansfieldsportsinstitut.dk

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Facebook MSICoach

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Twitter @PhilJSM

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During the show we referred to using Garmin cycling trackers. Here are 2 of Phil’s recommended cycling computers available through Amazon:

Garmin 520

Garmin 810

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